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How should Paris look like

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Since I have suggested France invite more Tibetans-in-exile to Paris to promote the spiritual level of the city, some of the French people might have been thinking that it’s not a bad idea. Therefore I’d like to show them some pictures of the “free spiritual” Dharamsala, where the “government” of the “Tibetans-in-exile” resides, so that they can start planning Paris in a similar fashion to make it more welcoming.

I’m sure French people would prefer the style of the free Dharamsala like that:

as apposed to the “repressive” Lhasa, China, like that:

Well then, it’s looking that it won’t be too “expensive” to create a Little Dharamsala in Paris. Except, of course, you always have to afford a much more luxurious place for the leader:

But no worry, as this can be sponsored by Reporters Without Borders!


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June 18, 2008 at 1:05 pm

French knows how to save face

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I haven’t found any urge of writing recently until I stopped by the following news: “France seeks explanation from China over alleged travel boycott” a few days ago. Apparently there is a travel boycott in Beijing, and the France was seeking explanation, as if there were any need of it.

It caught my attention for the way the French foreign ministry behaved. His words “we must absoultely get some explanation” revealed his intelligence level, which is, of course, very low. Is there really any need of “more explanation”, Mister? As if you were not a living person just a few months ago, when tens of thousands of French people gathered in Paris so happily humiliating China? Didn’t you guys hail it as a “victory for human rights and democracy”? How can you forget your golrourious victory so easily? Well, the Chinese don’t. It’s just amazing that, these days in the west, leaders of a country are well tolerated by the public to behave as a moron, as long as they hail the “principle value”. Ignorance becomes the virtue of politicians. Take that Merkel said the recent food price surge was due to Chinese drinking too much milk for another example.

Besides, the French logic seemed twisted as well. Since they all hate Chinese so much, I thought it would only make them happier that fewer Chinese were showing up at their places of pride. Why not just invite more Tibetans-in-exile instead? After all, they just offered Dalai the honorary citizenship of Paris. There are roughly 80,000 more “Tibetans” in India. Invite them all, and that should be about enough to fill in the gap created by the missing Chinese tourists. “Tibetans” are much “better” people, aren’t they? They are very “spiritual”. Welcome them all to Paris, and more, let them all settle there and have their own spiritual wonderland state in France. That would be a happy end for everyone, I suppose, except if “spirit” isn’t what French desire the most and what they really care for is something else that we all know what it is.

And then, something even funnier emerged today, it is said that: “Chinese foreign minister will look into French request to end a boycott“, as if I am seeing some French diplomatic power here. Let’s take a more careful look, shall we?

“The (Chinese) minister showed me his willingness to accept our request,” said Alain Joyandet, junior minister in the French foreign ministry. Interesting, and exactly how the Chinese minister Yang Jiechi showed his willingness? Joyandet said that during the meeting with Yang he asked the Chinese minister to “lift the dispositions of the mayor of Beijing which are a violation of the intergovernmental agreement between China and the EU”, and the response was: “He (Yang) said that our ambassador (to Beijing Herve Ladsous) had met the head of the office for tourism in Beijing and they had a frank, very important discussion and that he would continue on the same path.”

So that was interpreted by he French as the Chinese “showing willingness to reconsider”. You know, in the past, I was often sickened by the communist face-saving propaganda, reinterpreting any western criticism into something “positive”. That was really stupid. But now I know it’s hardly communists’ invention and something smells quite similar here. Obviously, someone is so desperately looking for a step down.

I have yet to find out what’s been said in the “frank and very important discussion” between the Chinese official and the French ambassador. But we do know that “an official from the Beijing tourism agency told AFP that no such order (boycotting) had been given and that it had ‘simply reminded Chinese tourists to be careful about their security.'”

After seeing the woman in the wheel chair being attacked publicly in Paris, city council members surrounded by fanatic mobs crying out “shame on China”, and the impotent French police being hardly capable of controlling anything, I find such a warning very well justified. Who would want to travel to a place where the concept of civil order or even civilization is so vague? What kind of an irresponsible government is that if such a must-have warning is not given to its people?

In any case, the truth is what the French foreign ministry fears the most, which they are deadly determined to ignore. The call for boycotting the French tour had been spreading over the internet for a long time and was well supported by the large majority of Chinese netizens. If there was indeed an order made by the government, the government was simply answering the call from the people. Those who so loved to improve the human rights in China should have joyed in such a movement because what we have seen here is precisely a great “victory for democracy”!

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June 11, 2008 at 10:32 pm

Have you heard what Sharon Stone had to say about the recent earthquake in China?

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If not yet, you are most welcomed to read this post on the blog of the New Voice. I personally do not care what she said at all, but this story is a perfect example demonstrating the typical mindset of a certain group of people, who usually enjoy absurdly too much influential power while compared to their educational/intelligence level. Those include some of the Hollywood stars such as Richard Gere and this woman, Dalai Lama, and FLG people. I bet Miss Stone followed her utterly strong basic instinct and spoke out what Mr. Lama had fought so badly against himself recently from spitting off as well. In Chinese, we say: “matter is grouped together by its quality, and so are the people!

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May 25, 2008 at 6:02 pm

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Shanghai, Renmin Square

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tens of thousands of people gathered together mourning the death and supporting Sichuan province.

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May 20, 2008 at 1:11 am

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On the other side of the world, some were trying to celebrate

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In New York, a group of Falun Gong activists gathered in Flushing to celebrate the hit on China according to this post, and these video clips: clip 1, clip 2, (both Chinese only) from a Chinese language news program in New York area. Although, some argued that they were not actually “celebrating” but only speaking for their opinions on “why” there were disasters (surely it was due to communism, what else?). Whatever it was, they clearly have overdone it and angered a huge crowed of Chinese immigrants, who booed at them right across the street.

Falun Gong is a semi-religious organization initially consisted of naive, innocent minded and religion hungry people. After it was pronounced a cult and banned in China, they moved their headquarters to the west, and have enjoyed continuous funding from those organizations such as NED, a proxy of CIA. Almost overnight, they converted themselves to professional full-time anti-CCP activists. Funded by the “pro-human rights” groups, the main functionality of Falun Gong, however, has never been to promote human rights condition or religious freedom in China, simply because the public sympathy they receive among all the Chinese, in China or abroad, has always been minimal, if not zero, and it’s obvious to every Chinese that there simply is no hope for them of gaining any momentum. The very presence of such a cult is solely for the anti-China groups in the west to have materials, most fabricated, to sell to their own people, the westerners, in order to strengthen the misunderstanding between the two sides of the world and to maintain the validity of their distorted view on China.

Falun Gong fights against the Chinese government under the name of “religious freedom”. So why don’t we listen to what their religion speaks for? According to their theory, any natural disaster that happens in China is due to the “heavenly will” of destroying CCP. Therefore, whoever that chooses to standby the government is endangering himself to such “penalties” coming down from the heaven, and if he does endure any, he well deserves it. Based on such a theory, they keep up the good work of threatening every Chinese to cease supporting CCP immediately on the basis of “seeking self protections” (quoting their own language), while being waged by the tax dollars of western countries such as US and Canada.

That is why, in the face of the recent deadly earthquake in Sichuan, this group of people once again found “evidence” to the teachings of their “religion” and decided to raise high their banner with ever stronger confidence, which says “Heaven kills CCP!”

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May 19, 2008 at 6:38 pm

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Millions of Chinese mourned the death

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On May 19, 2:28 pm, millions of Chiense all over the country as well as overseas observed three minutes silence paying tribute to the victims in the recent earthquake in Sichuan, and began the three-day mourning. All public entertaining activities are suspended in the same time. The death toll of the disaster has risen above 30,000. 

On Tianmen Square, after the three-minute silence, tens of thousands of people were unwilling to leave. Gathered on the square, they voluntarily burst into a long lasting chant of “China, Stronger, Sichuan, Stronger, Wenchuan Stronger”, showing the determination of all the Chinese to stay united and stand strong in the face of this devastating disaster.

Same was seen in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Wenchuan, Sichuan




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May 19, 2008 at 5:21 pm

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“The reason we are all so moved to tears …

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is that we all so deeply love this land and the people living here know to take care of each other”, says the man, and so does everyone of us.

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May 14, 2008 at 2:56 pm

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